what is career coaching?

We are here to define a phrase that is thrown around sometimes - "career coaching". So, what is career coaching and why is it essential to your professional progression, no matter what stage you're in?

Abby Tse

9/8/20231 min read

A career coach’s job is to guide you, not instruct you, on how you may want your future to pan out. They keep your personal goals in mind while helping you through the process of exploring options to applying for new jobs - and at the end of the day, their role is not to dictate your path but to empower your choices. Often times, career coaching is proactive, meaning that the goal is to handle any potential hiccups or transitions before they become full-blown problems. Think of it like this: your career coach should be like a friend, but with expertise, generous industry knowledge, and an unbiased perspective. Like a friend, they are on your side - they should strive to understand your life goals and aspirations so that they can then assist you in the journey of discovering and developing a career that not only pays the bills but fulfils your heart.

There isn't a definite definition of the term 'career coaching'; it has a multitude of purposes, varying from finding fulfilment through work, reconstructing your career, advancing in your workplace, and prioritising mental health. And that being said, career coaching is for everyone.

Are any of these questions you’ve found yourself asking lately?

  • What career path is right for me?

  • How do I create an effective resume and cover letter for job applications?

  • How do I switch careers and transition into a new field?

  • How can I overcome career-related challenges and setbacks?

  • How can I leverage social media for career advancement and job opportunities?

If any of these ring a bell, you’ve reached the right website.

Welcome to Fullmark Career Coaching, where we provide personalized one-on-one services through virtual consultations. We go the extra mile with an active alumni community to offer further support. For further questions regarding details such as cost and scheduling, send us an email down below! Your journey to a fulfilling career starts here.