Empowering Careers: Our Journey and Commitment

The team member's career journey, rooted in a passion for fostering growth, encompasses HR management and executive recruitment consultancy. Over the past decade, they've dedicated themselves to coaching services.

This experience has provided valuable insights into understanding clients' needs, especially those with extensive service records. Their focus remains on empowering clients to recognize their strengths, regain confidence during transitions, and succeed in new environments. As accredited executive coach, they've guided senior executives and expanded their expertise to systemic team coaching for SMEs and startups.

In their journey, they've pioneered initiatives such as launching Hong Kong's first flexible benefits program and fostering a customer-centric HR approach, showcasing strong business acumen and innovation.

Connie Pun

Founder / Lead Coach

Journey as a coach

Team Coaching Certificate, EMCC ITCA

Accreditation in Executive Coaching, Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership

ICF, Associate Member (International Coaching Federation)

MBA, Newport University, USA